Team USA Earns 20 Medals, 3rd Place at 2016 World Poomsae Championships

Congratulations to Team USA, which earned a world best 20 medals and earned 3rd place in the standings with 4 gold, 5 silver and 11 bronze medals at the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships on September 29 to October 2, 2016. For the full roster, see the 2016 National Poomsae Team page.

USA Taekwondo published 5 articles regarding the championships:

Team Departure and Interviews
Day 1 Results Article
Day 2 Results Article
Day 3 Results Article
Day 4 Results Article

Medal results are below:

Team Standing – 3rd overall, Team USA

4 Gold, 5 Silver, 11 Bronze

12-17 Freestyle Male Individual
Tyler Dao, GOLD

66+ Female Individual
Erica Linthorst, GOLD

18+ Freestyle Female Individual

Adalis Munoz, GOLD

41-50 Female Individual
Thoa Nguyen, GOLD

31+ Female Team
Elva Pai Adams, Kathy Do and Thoa Nguyen, SILVER

18+ Freestyle Mixed Pair
Victoria Dizon and Alex Twu, SILVER

61-65 Male Individual
Chi Duong, SILVER

61-65 Female Individual
Diana Hunt, SILVER

41-50 Male Individual

Pok Sun Yang, SILVER

12-14 Male Team
Brandon Cho, Ryan Real, and Ethan Sen, BRONZE

12-17 Freestyle Mixed Team
Tyler Dao, Kenneth Doan, Aleena Duong, Ethan Huang, Arianna Le, Jamie Ng, BRONZE

66+ Male Individual
Bruce Gallup, BRONZE

12-17 Freestyle Mixed Pair
Kenneth Doan and Jamie Ng, BRONZE

15-17 Female Individual
Rikki Jao, BRONZE

15-17 Mixed Pair
Priscilla Jo and Vincent Jodjana, BRONZE

15-17 Male Individual
Alex Lee, BRONZE

15-17 Male Team
Alex Lee, Andrew Lee, Ethan Sun, BRONZE

12-14 Female Team
Megan Lee, Erica Seo, Jae Shin, BRONZE

12-14 Cadet Pairs
Hannah Mooney and Ethan Sen, BRONZE

31+ Male Team

Anh Nguyen, Huy Nguyen, Chau Truong, BRONZE

National Team Poomsae Camp Held Sept. 10-11 in Mountain View, CA

Coaches Huy Nguyen, David Turgeon, Barbara Brand, Jung Hwan Jin and Long Nguyen led a National Poomsae Team Fundraising Seminar this past weekend Sept. 10-11, 2016 in Mountain View, CA. The seminar was a success with over 75 in attendance. Over $9000 was raised for the US National Poomsae Team. Thank you to Master Chin Sonu of TaeKwon Kids for hosting!

The seminar covered both freestyle and recognized poomsae elements, and these elements were demonstrated by 27 national team members who were in attendance. The camp was also a chance for these national team members to come together and train as a national team for the first time.

You can watch a video summary of the seminar edited by Coach Long Nguyen here:

Miracles Taekwondo donates $1000 to US National Poomsae Team

Thank you to Miracles Taekwondo, and Grandmaster Jae Jin Kang, Master Suhan Kang and 4x World Champion Master Suji Kang for donating the proceeds of their poomsae seminar on June 4, 2016 to the US National Poomsae Team. They raised $1000 for our USA Team athletes – this was a very generous gesture and much appreciated!miracles

2016 Pan American Open Poomsae Results

Congratulations to the USA poomsae athletes who competed at the 2016 Pan American Open in Queretaro, Mexico on 6/11 and 6/12. Below are the medal results for USA. Congrats to all!
12-14 Female Individual
Michelle Peribanez – GOLD
12-14 Male Individual
Ryan Real – SILVER
18-30 Male Individual
Sebastian Choi – GOLD
41-50 Female Individual
Jennifer Glagola – GOLD,
41-50 Male Individual
Stephen Humphries – SILVER
Christopher Hillyer – BRONZE
51-60 Female Individual
Thu Doolittle – SILVER
31+ Pairs
Jennifer Glagola and Christopher Hillyer – GOLD

Team USA earns 15 medals at 2016 Pan Am Poomsae Championships

Team USA Poomsae earned 5 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals at the 2016 Pan American Poomsae Championships in Queretaro, Mexico on June 8-9, 2016. The results were as follows:

Female Team Standing – 2nd Overall, Team USA
Male Team Standing – 2nd Overall, Team USA

18-30 Female Individual
Carissa Fu, BRONZE

18-30 Male Individual
Sebastian Choi, SILVER

31-40 Female Individual
Kathy Do, SILVER
Amanda Rosbarsky, BRONZE

31-40 Male Individual
Kwangjin Ha, GOLD
Justin Wang, SILVER

41-50 Female Individual
Thoa Nguyen, GOLD
Elva Adams, SILVER

41-50 Male Individual
Stephen Humphries, Finals (Top 8)
Christopher Hillyer, Finals (Top 8)

51-60 Female Individual
Thu Doolittle – SILVER

61+ Male Individual
Joseph Bennett – GOLD

18-30 Mixed Pairs
David Chan and Carissa Fu – BRONZE

31+ Mixed Pairs
Jennifer Glagola and Christopher Hillyer – SILVER

18-30 Female Team
Michelle Chen, Carissa Fu, Miyako Yerick – SILVER

31+ Female Team
Elva Adams, Kathy Do, Thoa Nguyen – GOLD

31+ Male Team
Kwangjin Ha, Jason Hwang, Justin Wang – GOLD

USA Pan American University Waiver Athletes also gave strong performances in very competitive divisions.

David Chan – Finals, 18-30 Male Individuals
Miyako Yerick – Finals, 18-30 Female Individual
Michelle Chen – Semifinals, 18-30 Female Individual

team picturesPhoto credit: @MBSerrano7 and

2nd place pan am

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