Technical Videos

These videos were created by International Referee Raymond Hsu with the assistance of US National Team member and three-time world medalist Elva Pai Adams in August 2014 to help educate US athletes on the details of each poomsae. While some small details in the WTF rules may have changed since the making of the videos, the videos are still an outstanding resource.

Ready Movements

Taegeuk 4 Side Kicks

Taegeuk 5 Side Kick

Taegeuk 5 Ending

Taegeuk 5 Feet Twist-turn Ending

Taegeuk 6 Single Knifehand Face Twisting Block

Taegeuk 7 Grab then Punch

Taegeuk 7 Incorrect Tiger Stance Example

Taegeuk 7 Correct Tiger Stance Example

Taegeuk 8 Jaw Strike Upper Cut 8 Count Sequence

Taegeuk 8 Front Kick to Tiger Stance

Taegeuk 8 Double Front Kicks

Koryo Single Knifehand Block with Punch and Side Kick

Koryo 8-second Count

Keumgang Crane Stance

Taebaek Side Kick With Hand Position

Taebaek Uppercut to Side Kick

Taebaek Spearhand and Footwork

Pyongwon Finish Footwork

Pyongwon Beginning Timing

Jitae Timing

Chonkwon Footwork

Chonkwon Ending

Hansu Ending

Welcome to the US National Taekwondo Poomsae Team Page! This page is a resource for poomsae practitioners in the United States .

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