2014 Team Members

2014 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships Team
Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 2014
Aguascalientes, Mexico

national team

For a summary of the team’s performance, click here and here.

For videos of the team’s performances, click here.

Team Standing

3rd Place Overall

Medal Summary

Noreen Thackrey
3rd Master Female, GOLD

Chris Lu/Kyle Ng/Shemual Tsai,
Junior Male Team, GOLD

Albert Jong/Alvin Jong/Huy Nguyen
1st Male Team, GOLD

Adalis (AJ) Munoz
18+Ind Freestyle Female, GOLD
Female Freestyle Athlete of the Year

Erica Linthorst
4th Master Female, SILVER

Chi Duong,
3rd Master, SILVER

Anh Nguyen/Chau Truong/Justin Wang
2nd Male Team, SILVER

Trina Dao
Junior Ind. Female Freestyle, SILVER

Tyler Dao/Vincent Jodjana/Kyle Tanimura
Cadet Male Team, SILVER

Russell Johnson
4th Master Male, BRONZE

Elva Adams
1st Master Female, BRONZE

Elva Adams/Kathy Do/Rosalynn Le
2nd Female Team, BRONZE

Carissa Fu
1st Senior Female, BRONZE

Eddie Jeong/Megan Yi
1st Pair, BRONZE

Margaret Kim/Stephany Kim/Saejin Yi
1st Female Team, BRONZE

Chris Lu/Josephine Wong
Junior Pair, BRONZE

Angie Jodjana/Chrixy Lam/Josephine Wong
Junior Female Team, BRONZE

Kyle Tanimura
Cadet Male, BRONZE

Heather Huynh/Long Nguyen
17+ Freestyle Pair, BRONZE

Monina Dizon/Kelsey Ha/Long Nguyen/Lance Supnet/Kim Menchavez/Alex Twu
17+ Mixed Freestyle Team, BRONZE

Kenneth Doan/Tyler Dao/Khoa Nguyen/Trina Dao/Arianna Le
U17 Mixed Free Team, BRONZE

Team Roster

Male Female
Kyle Tanimura Cadet Karyn Real
Michael Couloucoundis Junior Sunho “Sarah” Min
Edward Jeong Senior 1 Carissa Fu
Justin Wang Senior 2 Rosalyn Le
Garth Cooley Master 1 Elva Adams
Reggie Ubiadas Master 2 Kristi George
Chi Duong Master 3 Noreen Thackrey
Russ Johnson Master 4 Erica Linthorst
Male Partner                  Female Partner
Vincent Jodjana Cadet Riann Jao
Chris Lu Junior Josephine Wong
Edward Jeong 1st Pair Megan Yi
Garth Cooley 2nd Pair Kristi George
Male                                              Female
Tyler Dao Cadet Riann Jao
Vincent Jodjana  Arianna Le
Kyle Tanimura  Jamie Ng
Chris Lu  Junior  Evangeline Jodjana
Kyle Ng  Chrixy Lam
Shemual Tsai  Josephine Wong
Albert Jong  1st Team  Margaret Kim
Alvin Jong  Stephany Kim
Huy Nguyen  Saejin Yi
Anh Nguyen  2nd Team  Elva Adams
Chau Truong  Kathy Do
Justin Wang  Rosalyn Le
Male                                               Individual Female
Kenneth Doan 12-17 Trina Dao
Alex Twu  18+ Adalis Munoz
Male Partner  Pair Female Partner
Tyler Dao  12-17 Arianna Le
Long Nguyen  18+ Heather Huynh
Male Members Team Female Members
Long Nguyen  12+ Victoria Dizon
Lance Supnet Kelsey Ha
Alex Twu Kimberly Menchavez
Tyler Dao  Under 17 Trina Dao
Kenneth Doan Arianna Le
Khoa Nguyen
Barbara Brand
Dan Chuang
Huy Nguyen
Akiko Reyes
David Turgeon
Tara Zielinski
Thu Doolittle
Anacleta Thorne (not on-site)
Team Doctor
Sherri Lashomb

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