Technical Videos 2

This page is the second in in a series of videos created by International Referee Raymond Hsu with the assistance of US National Team member and three-time world medalist Master Elva Pai Adams in March 2015 to help educate US athletes on the details of each poomsae. The first set of videos can be found by clicking here. The videos on this page focus on basic movements.

Disclaimer: changes to the WTF rules occur from time to time, so note that these videos were made in March 2015 and should be current to that date. They remain an outstanding resource for all!

Close/Parallel/Riding Stances

Back Stances

Left and Right Stances

Tiger Stance

Front Cross Stance

Back Cross Stance

Assisted Stance

Low Block

High Block

Middle Inside Block

Double Knife Middle Block

Palm Heel Block

Assisted Palm Heel Block

Palm Heel Push Block (from Shipjin)

Cross Mountain Block

Double Elbow Strikes

Welcome to the US National Taekwondo Poomsae Team Page! This page is a resource for poomsae practitioners in the United States .

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