2015 Team Members

2015 US National Poomsae Team
National Poomsae Team Trials
August 7-9, 2015
Colorado Springs, CO

Male Female
Ryan Real Cadet Hayley Jue
Alex Lee Junior Rikki Jao
Edward Jeong Senior 1 Megan Yi
Justin Wang Senior 2 Kathy Do
Garth Cooley Master 1 Elva Adams
George Duong Master 2 Kristi George
Chi Duong Master 3 None
Joseph Bennett Master 4 Erica Linthorst
Male Partner                  Female Partner
Ryan Real Cadet Karyn Real
Alex Lee Junior Angelica Jensen
Edward Jeong 1st Pair Megan Yi
Benny Lopez 2nd Pair Jennifer Howard
Male                                              Female
Andrew Lee Cadet Janet Choe
Ethan Sun Priscilla Jo
Kyle Tanimura Andrea Zamora
Tyler Dao  Junior Euressa Cosmiano
Kenneth Doan Rikki Jao
Khoa Nguyen Frances Santarina
Albert Jong  1st Team Michelle Chen
Alvin Jong Carissa Fu
Tuong-Huy Nguyen Miyako Yerick
Anh Nguyen  2nd Team  Elva Adams
Chau Truong  Kathy Do
Justin Wang  Thoa Nguyen
Male                                               Individual Female
Kenneth Doan 12-17 Trina Dao
Matthew Anderson  18+ Adalis Munoz
Male Partner  Pair Female Partner
Tyler Dao  12-17 Trina Dao
Lance Supnet  18+ Kelsey Ha
Male Members Team Female Members
Tuong-Long Nguyen  18+ Hazel Cruz
Lance Supnet Kelsey Ha
Alvin Jong
Tyler Dao  Under 17 Kenneth Doan
Trina Dao Jamie Ng
Khoa Nguyen

Members of Team USA

Pan Am Cadet and Junior Poomsae Championships
September 9-10, 2015
Pan Am Poomsae Open
Sept. 12-13, 2015
Aguascalientes, Mexico

Note that individual divisions for the Cadet and Junior Championships were separated by Dan rank, so more than one competitor per age division was allowed in those divisions.

2015 Pan Am Cadet Poomsae Championships

12-14 Female Individual
Hayley Jue – GOLD
Priscilla Jo – GOLD

12-14 Female Team
Janet Choe, Priscilla Jo and Andrea Zamora – SILVER

12-14 Male Individual
Ryan Real – GOLD
Kyle Tanimura – GOLD

12-14 Male Team
Andrew Lee, Ethan Sun and Kyle Tanimura – BRONZE

12-14 MIxed Pair
Karyn Real and Ryan Real – SILVER
Sharlene Duong and Jacob Gonzaga – GOLD

2015 Pan Am Junior Poomsae Championships

15-17 Female Individual
Rikki Jao – GOLD
Angelica Jensen – GOLD

15-17 Female Team
Eurissa Cosmiano, Rikki Jao and Frances Santarina – GOLD

15-17 Individual
Alex Lee – GOLD

15-17 Mixed Pair
Angelica Jensen and Alex Lee – GOLD

2015 Pan Am Poomsae Open

18-30 Female Individual
Megan Yi – BRONZE

18-30 Female Team
Michelle Chen, Carissa Fu and Miyako Yerick – GOLD

18-30 Male Individual
Michael Couloucoundis – FINALS

18-30 Male Team
Ramon Alvarez, Michael Hobbs and Adam Kim – SILVER

18-30 Mixed Pair
David Chan and Carissa Fu – BRONZE

31+ Male Team
Kwangjin Ha, Jason Hwang and Justin Wang – GOLD

31+ Mixed Pair
Jennifer Howard and Benny Lopez – BRONZE

31-40 Female Individual
Jennifer Howard – GOLD

31-40 Male Indivdual
Justin Wang – GOLD

41-50 Female Individual
Thoa Nguyen – GOLD

41-50 Male Individual
Garth Cooley – SILVER

51-60 Female Individual
Kristi George – SILVER

51-60 Male Individual
George Duong – GOLD

61-65 Male Individual
David Pratt – GOLD

66+ Female Individual
Erica Linthorst – GOLD

66+ Male Individual
Joseph Bennett – GOLD

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