2015 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships Update

As many of you have read, the World Taekwondo Federation announced that there will be no World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships, that the next one will be in 2016, and that subsequent championships will be held every two years.
This announcement is very new – the coaching staff is working with USA Taekwondo staff on a plan for the 2015 National Poomsae Team and will endeavor to continue the outstanding momentum initiated in 2014 at World Championships and continued through the beginning of this year with the seminars. We will keep you informed, but for now this development is very new and we will be observing how things settle out during the coming days. Check back often on this page and the USA Taekwondo page.

USA Taekwondo State Championships Update

According to the latest USA Taekwondo State Association Manual:
“An athlete MAY compete in the same WORLD CLASS weight (sparring) and/or age category (poomsae) in MULTIPLE STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. The only exception to this is the Cadet sparring (black belts). Cadet sparring (black belts) CANNOT compete in multiple state championships. Any athlete caught doing so risks being disqualified from the National Championships.”

1st Annual USA Taekwondo Poomsae Development Camp Held At Olympic Training Center

Taught by National Team Head Coach Dan Chuang and National Team Coach Barbara Brand, and organized by Stacy Andrews of USA Taekwondo High Perforance, 23 athletes from all over the country came to train at the Olympic Training Center from March 12 to March 16, 2015. The athletes had the opportunity to get in-depth training, drills, technical instruction and feedback from the national team coaches. This event will be offered each year by USA Taekwondo so don’t miss out next time!

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Congratulations to the following USA athletes who medaled on Day 2 of competition at the 2015 Mexico Open in Aguascalientes, Mexico!

Justin Wang – Gold medal Senior 2 Individual
Casey Liu, Sean Lee and Ryan Real – Gold Medal, Cadet Male TeamMexicoOpen2

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