Announcing the USA Taekwondo Poomsae Development Camp!

USA Taekwondo is offering a Poomsae Development Camp from March 12-16 at the United States Olympic Training Center, led by USA National Team Head Coach Dan Chuang and US National Team Coach Barbara Brand. In addition to several poomsae training sessions, the camp will include other topics such as strength training, sports psychology and nutrition with the Olympic Training Center staff. You can sign up at this link on the USA Taekwondo site through Hangastar. Athletes 12 and up, black belts and red belts can participate. Don’t miss this amazing chance to improve your skills at the legendary Olympic Training Center with national team coaches and the Olympic Training Center staff. Cost of $499 includes training, lodging and meals. Registration closes on Feb. 10, 2015 so reserve your spot now!

March 12, 2015 Thursday
12pm-8pm Check-in
8pm- Welcome Meeting and Orientation

March 13-15
, 2015 Friday-Sunday
Training sessions and seminars with National Team Coaches and Olympic Training Center Staff

March 16, 2015 Monday
4am-8pm Departure


2015 US Open Results

Congratulations to the US National Poomsae Team members and many other successful players from US and around the world last Wednesday at the 2015 US Open! The results were posted here:

Congratulations to our many US medal winners at the US Open this past week! US athletes performed impressively well. The US women did especially well, sweeping every female individual division that was contested! Special congratulations to multiple division winners Yerim Jeong (3 golds), Elva P. Adams (3 golds), Cameron Tsai (2 golds), Yewon Jeong (2 golds), and Kathy Do (2 golds).

In the male individual divisions, US winners included Humza Sulaiman Qazi (Youth Male Individual), Cameron Tsai (Cadet Male Individual), Alex Tae Lee (Junior Male Individual), and Concie L. Reid (3rd Master Individual).

In the female individual divisions, USA athlete champions included Yewon Jeong (Youth Female Individual), Priscilla Ahra Jo (Cadet Female Individual), Yerim Jeong (Junior Female Individual), Carissa Angela Fu (1st Senior Female Individual), Kathy Do (2nd Senior Female Individual), Elva P. Adams (1st Master Female Individual), Kristi George (2nd Master Female individual), and Erica Linthorst (4th Master Female Individual).

In the pairs divisions, winners from USA included Cameron Tsai and Hannah Rose Mooney (Youth Pair), Jewoong Jeong and Yerim Jeong (Junior Pair), Elva Adams and Doo Hyun Chung (2nd Pair).

In the male team divisions, US gold medalists were Andrew Joonhyun Lee, Miguel Pelaez, and Ethan Brian Sun (Cadet Male Team), Eddie Jeong with Korean teammates Hyunwoon Kim and Gunsoo Kim (1st Male Team)

Female team US gold medalists included Christina Marie Castillo, Yerim Jeong, and Suhyun Cindy Kim (Junior Female Team), and Elva P. Adams, Kathy Do and Thoa Van Nguyen (2nd Female Team).

Two videos of national team member Carissa Fu’s 1st Senior gold medal performances can were posted to USA Taekwondo’s Facebook page by the Director of Communications, Steve McNally. Enjoy!

Welcome to the US National Taekwondo Poomsae Team Page! This page is a resource for poomsae practitioners in the United States .